Strawberry Mousse Pie with Almond-Date Crust

A gluten/ sugar/ dairy-free dessert.  Plan ahead to have soaked nuts to use in the crust and filling.




·      1 cup almonds, soaked in salt water for 7+ hours, and then dehydrated


·      10 pitted dates, can soak these too for ease in blending


·      additional water as needed to hold together



Grind almonds in food processor until fine-textured.  Add dates and water as needed to make it sticky enough to press in a pan to make a crust.


Chill crust to make it firm.





·      2 cups cashews, soaked in salt water for no more than 6 hours, then drained


·      2 cups strawberries


·      lemon zest from ½ lemon


·      ¼ cup maple syrup


·      ½ coconut oil, melted



Blend all in a food processor until smooth and uniform.  Pour into formed crust and chill for a few hours until it has set.  The coconut oil when chilled will give it firmness.





            Make with 2 lemons instead of 2 cups strawberries


            Add carob powder, cacao nibs, cocoa powder as desired



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