from Nourishing Traditions
(NK:  my recipe is slightly different, but based on the NT one, which is below)
6 egg whites
pinch sea salt
3T arrowroot flour
1/4c maple syrup
1T vanilla extract
My kids like to eat egg yolks only, so we have a lot of extra whites that I save and make these light, delicious meringues.
Line a cookie sheet or two, depending on size, with buttered or oiled (I use coconut oil) parchment paper. Preheat oven to 150 degrees
Beat egg whites with salt until start to get stiff. Beat in arrowroot and slowly add other ingredients. Beat until stiff and somewhat glossy.
I make mine small, cookie-size, and used a pastry bag. You could just spoon out portions, which also is nice. If they are smallish, bake about 6-8 hours until crisp. You could follow Sally Fallon’s suggestion and place six large “blobs” on the parchment paper and form a little hollow in each one, so that when they are cooked you can fill the center with a fruit and cream mixture. For these, back overnight.
Let cool before removing from paper. Store in airtight containers or they will soften.

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