About Us/Potlucks

We are a Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) chapter located in Columbia County, NY.   Beginning in March 2011 we have had gatherings to exchange ideas (usually about sourcing and making good food), to learn from each other, and to enjoy an amazing array of potluck foods.

To dzte, we have had presentations on 1. making kombucha. 2. using wild spring greens (dandelion, stinging nettle, violets, lambsquarter, amaranth, chickweed, etc), 3. a slideshow on qualities of edible oils & how coconut oil is processed & how cocoa is processed, 4. wood-fired hearth baking and cooking,  considerations for breeding cows for health/ for grass diets/ for quality milk and meat, 5. medicinal herb cultivation and processing.    As a group we have coordinated bulk purchases of some foods and supplements.  Another interest has been in the GAPS diet and a discussion/support group meets to share tips on the GAPS theory and diet.

To be included in events happening through this chapter, contact us through the contact form

Here is a great link if you are new to Weston Price – http://www.westonaprice.org/about-the-foundation/beginner-tour


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