Columbia County Chapter of WAPF invites you to our next meeting~

A viewing of a recording by Certified Clinical Nutritionist,

Liz Lipski

Digestive and Eating Issues in Children

followed by discussion

 Saturday, May 16, 2015, 2-4 pm
Philmont Public Library, Community Room
101 Main St, Philmont NY, 12565
     Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN is a nutritionist, author, and frequent speaker at the annual WAPF conference.  In this presentation she shares her clinical insights from working with babies, children and families, and recent research on our microbiome.  She also shares strategies for working with “picky eaters”, and supporting digestive health in kids.
     Liz has authored several books on nutrition including, Digestive Wellness for Children.   Liz’s video presentation runs approximately 1 hour and will be followed by Q & A, and discussion.

All are welcome! and Suggested Donation is $5

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In addition, please mark your calendars for 2 more chapter meetings-

  •   potluck on July 18, 2015 from 4-6 pm at the home of Betsy Cashen
  •  chapter meeting on September 19, 2015 at the Philmont Library – Overview on Preparing Grains & Legumes- and why soaking/sprouting makes sense!

Please contact Lilia Angello at 518-672-7360 for more information.