Join us on May 17 and June 28, Friday eve at the Real Food Coop in Chatham

 Nourishing Our Children

Timeless principles to support learning, behavior and health through nutrition

a two part series

Friday, May 17, 6-7 pm for potluck meal & 7-9 pm for video and discussion

Friday, June 28, 7-9 pm for video and discussion

(*If you were unable to attend the first part of the series in May. and would like to view the first hour of the presentation, please be in touch with Kelly Crine and if there is enough interest there will be a re-viewing at 5:30 pm on June 28th.  Contact info below.*)

 Chatham Real Food Market Co-op

15 Church Street, Chatham

(on Route 203, one block west of intersection of Rt. 66 and 203)


Please contact Kelly Crine: or 518-392-2055 to register, or with questions.  Also visit this facebook event page:

$5 contribution suggested to cover costs of space and outreach materials


Imagine a child raised according to the nutritional wisdom of our ancestors. This child grows up free of the common ailments and diseases that we currently take for granted. This child’s strong, white teeth grow in straight … and free of tooth decay. This child is attentive and engaged, and can learn easily and readily because of optimal brain development. This child is energetic by day and sleeps soundly at night. This child has a strong immune system, does not experience childhood illnesses or allergies, and has a stable, cheerful and optimistic disposition.


Yes! Learn how your child can experience his or her birthright – radiant health and wholeness. We cover dietary principles for preconception & pregnancy, how to nourish rather than merely feed your children, the foundational nutritional principles Dr. Weston A. Price discovered during his extensive travels around the world, the importance of consuming healthy animal fats, the dangers of modern processed foods plus information on water & fluoride, milk, soy, vital nutrients, and healthy meal preparation.


The Weston A. Price Foundation- Columbia County Chapter

*for Potluck meal suggestions please go to Potluck tab on our blog

Though the title of the presentation is “Nourishing Our Children”, the material presented and topics discussed are relevant to all ages. We hope you can join us!


March 2013

erika in kitchen

Erika demonstrates how to make lacto-fermented foods and beverages in Hudson, March 2013.

See “Fermented Foods and Beverages” under Articles, above, for more information.