Food Prep and Cooking Demonstration, January 19, 2013, 3-5 pm at Hawthorne Valley School (HVS) Teaching Kitchen

Join us for our local Weston A Price Foundation chapter gathering in the HVS Teaching Kitchen, located adjacent to the HVS Assembly Hall (which is across the street from the big red barn at Hawthorne Valley Farm).

We will cover some of the basics of traditional and nutrient-dense food preparation including: soaking of grains, beans and nuts;  use of fermented foods; use of mineral and gelatin-rich bone broths; and more.

All are welcome.   Please bring $5 donation to cover cost of the space and outreach materials.

Questions?  Contact Betsy at 851-5101 or Nina at 758-8975    If the weather is bad for travel on Jan 19 and we need to cancel, we will post cancellation on this blog.   For directions to the school use this address:  330 County Rte 21, Hillsdale, NY 12529